Plenty of sliding athlete are on Twitter and all are worth following.  Here’s a list of people you should follow along with:

Name Twitter Handle Nation Sport
Azevedo, Emily @EmilyAzevedo USA Bobsled
Baadsvik, Emily @emilybaadsvik Canada Bobsled
Bascue, Codie @codiebascue13 USA Bobsled
Beckom, Jesse @Jessbeck3 USA Bobsled
Benson, Stuart @StuBensonGB Great Britain Bobsled
Bernstein, Ida @Ida_Bomb USA Bobsled
Bird, Amanda @AbirdOnTheFly USA Bobsled
Burnett, Codie @CodieBurnett Great Britain Bobsled
Butner, Cory @corybutner USA Bobsled
Ciochetti, Jenny @JennyCiochetti Canada Bobsled
Clark, Adam @AC_Slider USA Bobsled
Coleman, Dave @DaveColeman24 Great Britain Bobsled
Cooke, Gillian @ghcooke Great Britain Bobsled
Corley, Sineaid @SineaidCorley USA Bobsled
Cunningham, Nick @BOBSLEDR USA Bobsled
Da Costa, Fernando @JudahSimpson Great Britain Bobsled
Damas, Micaela @MicaelaDamas USA Bobsled
Deen, Lamin @team_deen Great Britain Bobsled
Denyer, Kelly @KellyDenyer1 Great Britain Bobsled
DeRatt, Natalie @NatalieDeRatt USA Bobsled
Eberling, Katie @KatieEberling USA Bobsled
Fenlator, Jazmine @JazmineFenlator Jamaica Bobsled
Fogt, Christopher @christopherfogt USA Bobsled
Garrett, Cherrelle @BobsledherUSA USA Bobsled
Greubel, Jamie @JamieGreubel USA Bobsled
Hall, Bradley @BobsleighBrad Great Britain Bobsled
Hays, Todd @BobsledCoach USA Bobsled
Holcomb, Steven @StevenHolcomb USA Bobsled
Hook, Shane @shanehookusa USA Bobsled
Humphries, Kaillie @BobsledKaillie Canada Bobsled
Jackson, John @JohnJacksonGB Great Britain Bobsled
Kamphuis, Esme @esmekamphuis Netherlands Bobsled
Kay, Anya @SpecialKay_21 Great Britain Bobsled
Kelly, Katelyn @KatelynAKelly USA Bobsled
Kiddle, Aleasha @aleashizzle Great Britain Bobsled
Koplin, Kristi @KristiKoplin USA Bobsled
Kripps, Justin @justinkripps Canada Bobsled
Langton, Steven @StevenLangton USA Bobsled
Loch-Wilkinson Astrid @AstridBobsleigh Australia Bobsled
Lotholz, Melissa @melLotholz Canada Bobsled
Lumsden, Jesse @JesseLumsden28 Canada Bobsled
Machata, Manny @bobteammachata Germany Bobsled
Matthews, Andrew @ShapedNotFaded Great Britain Bobsled
McNeill, Mica @MicaMcNeill Great Britain Bobsled
McSweeney, Nikki @Nikki_bobsleigh Great Britain Bobsled
Melbardis, Oskars @Omelbardis Latvia Bobsled
Mesler, Steve @SteveMesler USA Bobsled
Meyers Taylor, Elana @eamslider24 USA Bobsled
Michener, Sam @sammichener USA Bobsled
Minichiello, Nicola @Nic_Minichiello Great Britain Bobsled
Noller, Jay @USBobber USA Bobsled
O’Brien, Kate @empty_kate Canada Bobsled
Olaoye, Victoria @VickyOBobTeamGB Great Britain Bobsled
Olsen, Justin @justinbolsen USA Bobsled
Pickering, Craig @craig100m Great Britain Bobsled
Quinn, Johnny @JohnnyQuinnUSA USA Bobsled
Randall, Tim @TimRandal86 Canada Bobsled
Reed, James @reedjamesk USA Bobsled
Reinbolt, Brittany @breinbolt USA Bobsled
Robinson, Dallas @DRobUSA USA Bobsled
Rush, Lyndon @goldrush781 Canada Bobsled
Schaaf, Bree @BreeSchaaf USA Bobsled
Schneiderheinze, Anja @aschneidi Germany Bobsled
Schuffenhauer, Bill @BillyBobsled USA Bobsled
Shimer, Brian @ShimerBrian USA Bobsled
Simons, Ben @benthebounce Great Britain Bobsled
Smith, Valerie @Valerie_Georgia USA Bobsled
Sorensen, Cody @Codes11 Canada Bobsled
Spence, Heath @aussiebobsleigh Australia Bobsled
Spring, Rich @RichStead1 Great Britain Bobsled
Spring, Christopher @BobTeamSpring Canada Bobsled
Tasker, Bruce @Bruce_Bobsleigh Great Britain Bobsled
Theoret, Josee @josee_theoret Canada Bobsled
Thöne, Lisette @LisetteThoene Germany Bobsled
Tomasevicz, Curtis @ctomasevicz USA Bobsled
Upperton, Helen @HelenUpperton Canada Bobsled
Valdes, Carlo @CarloValdes_USA USA Bobsled
Valois, Chelsea @chelseavalois Canada Bobsled
van Huigenbosch, Marije @Marije_vh Netherlands Bobsled
Vannnieuwenhuyse, An @AnVNH Belgium Bobsled
Vogt, Nicole @vogtfornic USA Bobsled
Walker, Paula @paulawalkerGB Great Britain Bobsled
Wesselink, Jurriaan @BobteamWesselink Netherlands Bobsled
Willemsen, Elfje @Elfjewillemsen Belgium Bobsled
Williams, Lauryn @LaurynCwilliams USA Bobsled
Wilson, Rebekah @BexGB5 Great Britain Bobsled
Arnold, Gav @RAF_luge Great Britain Luge
Britcher, Summer @summerbritcher USA Luge
Clark, Zac @TheZacClark USA Luge
Clay, Dayna @DaynaClay Canada Luge
Clukey, Julia @juliaclukey USA Luge
Fennell, John @johncanluge Canada Luge
Foulkes, Harry @HarryFoulkes1 Great Britain Luge
Gough, Alex @AlexGoughLuge Canada Luge
Hamlin, Erin @erinhamlin USA Luge
Jones, Arianne @JonesLuge Canada Luge
Mazdzer, Chris @mazdzer USA Luge
McRae, Kimberley @KimMcRaeLuge Canada Luge
Sweeney, Megan @msluge USA Luge
Richardson, Rob @RobRicco Great Britain Para-Skeleton
Antoine, Matt @MattAntoine USA Skeleton
Bausch, Lauri @skeleyLB USA Skeleton
Bernotas, Eric @ericbernotas USA Skeleton
Boyer, Kevin @KBoyer93 Canada Skeleton
Bromley, Kristan @kristanbromley Great Britain Skeleton
Brown, Kyle @KyleBrownUSA USA Skeleton
Carter, Caitlin @_caitlincarter_ USA Skeleton
Chaffer, Lucy @lucychaffer Australia Skeleton
Charney, Madison @MadsCharns Canada Skeleton
Clapp-Taylor, Gracie @grayclapptay USA Skeleton
Culiver, Samantha @SamCuliver USA Skeleton
Curtis, Kelly @KCurteous609 USA Skeleton
Dafoe, Grace @skeletongrace Canada Skeleton
Daly, John @JohnDalyUSA USA Skeleton
Day, Veronica @VDayToday USA Skeleton
Deas, Laura @skeletonlaura Great Britain Skeleton
Delka, Kellie @Kdelka USA Skeleton
Dellemann, Mike @mtdskeleton USA Skeleton
Doyle, Brendan @facedoyle Ireland Skeleton
Dukurs, Martins @MartinsDukurs Latvia Skeleton
Fairbairn, John @JohnnyFairbairn Canada Skeleton
Flock, Janine @JanineFlock Austria Skeleton
Gale, Tristan @tmgale18 USA Skeleton
Graybill, Savannah @savannahJane1 USA Skeleton
Guggenberger, Matthias @guggi200 Austria Skeleton
Hawrysh, Cassie @CassieHawrysh Canada Skeleton
Henry, Megan @MeganHenryUSA USA Skeleton
Hollingsworth, Mellisa @Mehollingsworth Canada Skeleton
Huber, Anja @AnjaHuberSkel Germany Skeleton
Ivanov, Alex @IvanovAthletics USA Skeleton
LaBerge, Jaclyn @JaclynLaberge Canada Skeleton
Latour, Tuffield @tuffylatour USA Skeleton
Le Conte, Joska @Skeleton_Joska Netherlands Skeleton
McGlade, Kevin @KevinMcGlade USA Skeleton
McGrandle, Rose @rosemcgrandle Great Britain Skeleton
McIntosh, Jor’dân @DiddySlider Great Britain Skeleton
Mirambell, Ander @anderskeleton Spain Skeleton
Miter, Jake @JAMiter USA Skeleton
Montgomery, Jon @jonmonty Canada Skeleton
Murray, Kimberley @KimMurray88 Great Britain Skeleton
Neilson, Eric @NeilsonEric Canada Skeleton
Obratov, Dani @daniaobratov Croatia Skeleton
O’Brien, Patrick @Paddy_Fast Ireland Skeleton
Pikus-Pace, Noelle @noellepikuspace USA Skeleton
Prediger, Lanette @LanettePrediger Canada Skeleton
Rudman, Shelley @ShelleyRudman Great Britain Skeleton
Salter, Lauren @lsesalter USA Skeleton
Smith, Ed @Head_First_Ed Great Britain Skeleton
Stark, Erika @slidewithstark Canada Skeleton
Sullivan, Meghan @mtsullyy USA Skeleton
Swift, David @SwiftSlider Great Britain Skeleton
Terry, Michael @iammiketerry USA Skeleton
Thomas, Jack @TeaTrayThomas Great Britain Skeleton
Timmings, Nick @Ntimmings Australia Skeleton
Tomten, Blair @BlairTomten USA Skeleton
Tracey, Morgan @morgangtracey USA Skeleton
Tress, Kyle @KyleTress USA Skeleton
Type, Chris @CTypeSkeleton Great Britain Skeleton
Uhlaender, Katie @KatieU11 USA Skeleton
Watson, Anthony @AnthonybWatson USA Skeleton
Wesenberg, Kendall @kendaLLorraine USA Skeleton
West, Greg @west_greg USA Skeleton
Williams, Amy @skeletonamy Great Britain Skeleton
Wlodarczak, Charles @CharlesZenon Canada Skeleton
Yarnold, Lizzy @TheYarnold Great Britain Skeleton
Organization Twitter Handle
Aussie Icebirds @Aussie_Icebirds
Austria Bob & Skeleton @OEBSV
Austria Skeleton @AustriaSkeleton
Bobbahn Winterberg @bobbahn
Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton @BCSCanada
British Bobsleigh & Skeleton @The_BBSA
British Youth Bobsled @JrBobsleighGB
Dutch Bobsled Team @BobteamNL
IBSF @IBSFsliding
IBSF Television @BobAndSkelTV
Irish Bob & Skeleton @SlidingIrish
Jon Lundin – ORDA @JonLakePlacid
La Plagne @LaPlagne
Lake Placid Sliiding Complex @LP_Sliding
Latvia Bobsleigh @bobslejsLV
Latvian Luge Federation @luge_lv
Luge Canada @LugeCanada
Luge Federation @FIL_luge
Martin Haven – Announcer @MartinHaven
Ontario Bob & skeleton @ONBobSkellie
Quebec Bob & Skeleton @BobSkeletonQc
Skeleton Latvia @skeleton_lv
St. Moritz Bobsleigh Club @SMBCbobsleigh
USA Bobsled & Skeleton @USBSF
USA Luge @USA_Luge
Whistler Sliding Centre @slidingcentre

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