2016/2017 IBSF European Cup Overall Standings

From the home office in Durham, USA

Final points for the IBSF European Cup 2016/2017.

Women’s Skeleton

Germany had a strong season in European Cup women’s skeleton, and leading that charge was Tamara Seer.  Seer won five of seven races she entered (skipping Sigulda), and finished no worse than fourth in races she didn’t gold medal in.

Seer’s teammate, Maxi Just, finished second in the overall standings, winning the two races that Seer didn’t win. Just was also the top-finishing Junior on the tour, having entered five races and never finishing off the podium.

American Kellie Delka edged British slider Brogan Crowley for third by just one point, while Kimberley Murray and Luisa Hornung rounded out the top six in the European Cup.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Tamara Seer GER 1 (Igls x2, Kön, Alt x2) 4 (Kön) 490
2 Maxi Just (J) GER 1 (Kön, SM) 3 (Kön) 335
3 Kellie Delka USA 5 (Igl) 10 (Kön, Alt) 255
4 Brogan Crowley (J) GBR 8 (Alt) 12 (Sig) 254
5 Kimberley Murray GBR 3 (Alt) 20 (Igl) 243
6 Luisa Hornung GER 2 (Alt x2) 18 (Igl) 235
7 Alina Tararychenkova (J) RUS 2 (Alt x2) 18 (Igl) 228
8 Hann Neise (J) GER 2 (Kön) 6 (Sig) 205
9 Renata Khuzina (J) RUS 2 (Sig) 10 (SM) 202
10 Olga Potylitsyna RUS 3 (Igl) 6 (Kön x2) 185
10 Madelaine Smith (J) GBR 5 (Igl) 11 (Sig) 185

Men’s Skeleton

Much like their women’s skeleton counterparts, the German men dominated the top part of their overall rankings, sweeping the top three, and putting four men in the top five.

Dominic Rady was the class of the field, winning three races and never finishing off of the podium on his way to the overall title. Rady was also the top scoring Junior in a field that was loaded with them.

Fabian Küchler finished tied for second with teammate Felix Seibel. Both competed in six of the eight races, with Küchler winning one more race than Seibel.

Krists Netlaus of Latvia was the first non-German in the field, finishing fourth overall despite only five starts. Despite not winning, Netlaus never finished outside of the top five.

German Felix Keisinger and Russian Konstantin Khoroshko finished fifth and sixth, respectively.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Dominic Rady (J) GER 1 (Kön, Alt x2) 3 (SM) 475
2 Fabian Küchler (J) GER 1 (Igl x2) 5 (Alt) 355
3 Felix Seibel (J) GER 1 (Kön) 6 (Alt) 335
4 Krists Netlaus (J) LAT 2 (Sig) 5 (Kön) 265
5 Felix Keisinger (J) GER 1 (SM) 3 (Igl) 260
6 Konstantin Khoroshko (J) RUS 4 (Alt) 15 (Kön) 243
7 Alex Ivanov USA 8 (Igl, SM, Alt x2) 11 (Igl) 240
8 Samuel Maier (J) AUT 6 (Igl x2) 21 (SM) 204
9 Timothy Hull GBR 8 (Igl) 24 (Kön) 193
10 Marcus Wyatt GBR 4 (Igl) 17 (Kön) 183

Women’s Bobsled

Martina Fontanive came into the final race of the season needing a top four finish to secure the overall European Cup title. The best the Swiss pilot could do, though, was a sixth place finish. That, coupled with a second place finish for German Anna Köhler, led to a tie for the overall title.

Neither Köhler or Fontanive won a race during the season, but the German won four silver medals in her six races, while Fontanive finished third twice in seven events.

Lubov Chernykh finished third overall, with Sabina Hafner fourth, Elfje Willemsen fifth and Katrin Beierl sixth. Willemsen only competed in half of the events, but won every race she was entered in.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Anna Köhler (J) GER 2 (Kön x2, SM, Win) 8 (Kön) 604
1 Martina Fontanive SUI 3 (Sig, SM) 13 (Kön) 604
3 Lubov Chernykh (J) RUS 4 (Sig) 15 (Kön) 552
4 Sabina Hafner SUI 1 (Kön, SM) 5 (Kön) 536
5 Elfje Willemsen BEL 1 (Sig x2, Kön, Alt) 1 (Sig x2, Kön, Alt) 480
6 Katrin Beierl (J) AUT 6 (Kön, Alt) 7 (Kön x2, SM) 428
7 Alena Osipenko (J) RUS 3 (Sig) 10 (Alt) 422
8 Daniela Florina Gheaus (J) ROU 6 (Sig x2) 17 (Kön) 420
9 An Vannieuwenhuyse (J) BEL 2 (Sig x2) 5 (Alt) 414
10 Konomi Asazu JPN 4 (SM) 14 (Kön) 396

Two Man Bobsled

Richard Oelsner had a stellar season on his way to the overall European Cup title. The German Junior won three times, and never finished outside of the top five over the course of the seven races he entered.

Clemens Bracher of Switzerland closed his season out with a second place finish on his way to a second place overall finish, finishing just 14 points ahead of Latvian Oskars Kibermanis.

Kibermanis spent the first part of the World Cup tour in Europe, and won three of the six races he entered.

Christoph Hafer finished fourth, ahead of four man specialist Dmitriy Popov of Russia and Czech Junior Dominic Dvorak.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Richard Oelsner (J) GER 1 (Kön, Alt, Win) 5 (Kön) 760
2 Clemens Bracher SUI 2 (Win) 10 (Alt) 670
3 Oskars Kibermanis (J) LAT 1 (Sig x2, Alt) 7 (Kön) 656
4 Christoph Hafer (J) GER 2 (SM) 7 (Kön) 588
5 Dmitriy Popov (J) RUS 3 (SM) 17 (Alt) 582
6 Dominik Dvorak CZE 2 (Kön) 13 (Kön) 562
7 Ugis Zalims LAT 2 (Sig) 6 (Kön) 498
8 Romain Heinrich FRA 5 (SM) 18 (Kön) 476
9 Tim Holinger (J) SUI 3 (Win) 14 (Kön, Alt) 466
10 Ivan Linuchev (J) RUS 6 (Alt) 19 (Kön) 429

Four Man Bobsled

Although the overall points title wasn’t in too much jeopardy, Russian Junior Dmitriy Popov finished the season in style, winning the final two four man races in Winterberg.

Popov’s only two wins of the season were in Winterberg, but after a 10th place finish in the season opener in Königssee, he rallied back to only finish outside the top five once (Altenberg).

Bennet Buchmüller finished second, on the strength of one win and four podiums. Popov’s teammate, Ivan Linuchev, finished third overall.

Christoph Hafer of Germany finished fourth, ahead of Clemens Bracher of Switzerland and Pablo Nolte of Germany.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Dmitriy Popov (J) RUS 1 (Win x2) 10 (Kön) 804
2 Bennet Buchmüller (J) GER 1 (Alt) 7 (Kön x2) 690
3 Ivan Linuchev (J) RUS 4 (Kön x2, SM, Win) 15 (Kön) 684
4 Christoph Hafer (J) GER 1 (Kön) 6 (Kön) 626
5 Clemens Bracher SUI 7 (SM x2) 17 (Kön) 580
6 Pablo Nolte (J) GER 5 (Win x2) 16 (Alt) 520
7 Richard Oelsner (J) GER 3 (Kön, Alt, Win) 8 (Kön) 478
8 Nikita Zakharov RUS 1 (Kön) 7 (Kön) 402
9 Aleksandr Bredikhin (J) RUS 2 (Win) 18 (Alt) 398
10 Oliver Biddulph GBR 8 (Win) 23 (Kön) 361