2019/2020 European Cup Skeleton Final Points

From Durham, USA

Jan. 29, 2020 – The European Cup finished out it’s skeleton season with a pair of races in Altenberg. Below are the season results for each discipline.

Men’s Skeleton

German junior Felix Seibel all but dominated the European Cup field over the course of the 2019/2020 season, winning gold in three of the eight races on the season, and finishing outside of the top five only once (Igls). The title is his first IBSF title, having finished third in the 2016/2017 European Cup in a season where he only started six races.

Russian Vladislav Semenov finished second, passing Krists Netlaus in the final two races on the strength of a pair of silver medals in Altenberg. Netlaus finished third on the season.

Cedric Renner finished fourth, missing the season opener in Winterberg. Renner edged out Hiro Takahashi by only two points. Takahashi, making a bit of a comeback to the sport, won his first two medals since his first start in the European Cup back in the 2008/2009 season.

Alexander Schlintner rounded out the top six.

Matt Weston was the top finishing British slider in eighth, while Austin McCrary finished his first full season on the European Cup tour just outside of the top ten in 15th.

Pos Name Nation Starts Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Felix Seibel GER 8 1 (Alt x2, Kön) 13 (Igls) 476
2 Vladislav Semenov (J) RUS 8 2 (Alt x2, Sig) 24 (Igls) 371
3 Krists Netlaus (J) LAT 8 1 (Sigulda) 15 (Igls) 348
4 Cedric Renner (J) GER 7 2 (Königssee) 9 (Igls) 304
5 Hiroatsu Takahashi JPN 8 3 (Igls) 16 (Königssee) 302
6 Alexander Schlintner (J) AUT 8 4 (Sigulda) 12 (Winterberg) 288
7 Amedeo Bagnis (J) ITA 5 1 (Igls x2, Kön) 12 (Königssee) 283
8 Matt Weston (J) GBR 7 2 (Igls) 21 (Königssee) 246
9 Ludwig Mannhardt (J) GER 8 5 (Alt x2, Kön) 26 (Winterberg) 238
10 Stefan Röttig (J) GER 5 4 (Igls, Alt) 8 (Igls, Alt) 212

Women’s Skeleton

In her first season in the IBSF European Cup tour, British slider Amelia Coltman was the mark of consistency, winning one gold and never finishing outside of the top five on her way to a 43 point victory over Latvian junior Endija Terauda. Coltman skipped the race in Sigulda, but still took the overall title with two gold medals, a silver, and two bronzes.

Terauda won her first two career gold medals during the 2019/2020 season on her way to a second place finish on the season, just ahead of Russia’s Alina Tararychenkova in third. Tararychenkova only started five races on the season, winning three of them.

Latvia’s Darta Zunte finished fourth overall, while Germany’s Hanna Staub and Stefanie Votz finished the season in fifth and sixth, respectively.

Great Britain’s Hannah Stevenson finished seventh overall, while American Kristen Hurley finished 17th in her first trip to Europe.

Pos Name Nation Starts Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Amelia Coltman GBR 7 1 (Igls) 5 (Igls) 420
2 Endija Terauda (J) LAT 8 1 (Kön, Sig) 11 (Altenberg) 377
3 Alina Tararychenkova (J) RUS 5 1 (Igls, Alt x2) 3 (Igls, Sig) 335
4 Darta Zunte (J) LAT 8 2 (Sigulda) 24 (Königssee) 300
5 Hanna Staub (J) GER 8 3 (Königssee) 18 (Igls) 299
6 Stefanie Votz (J) GER 6 5 (Sig, Alt x2) 12 (Igls) 241
7 Hannah Stevenson GBR 7 1 (Winterberg) 24 (Königssee) 235
8 Sarah Wimmer (J) GER 5 4 (Igls x2) 8 (Altenberg) 214
9 Valentina Margaglio ITA 4 3 (Igls, Alt) 7 (Igls) 198
10 Shizuka Uehara JPN 8 8 (Königssee) 19 (Igls) 184