Tretiakov, Nikitina Among Those Sanctioned by IOC for Doping

From the home office in Durham, USA

(Nov. 22, 2017) The International Olympic Committee announced this morning that all three Russian women’s skeleton athletes, as well as Alexander Tretiakov, have been sanctioned as part of the Oswald Commission hearings.

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Women’s bronze medalist Elena Nikitina, as well as teammates Maria Orlova and Olga Potylitsina have all been disqualified from the women’s skeleton event in the 2014 Games, as well as any Olympics to come. The same punishment was handed down to gold medalist Alexander Tretiakov.

The rulings mean that none of the four athletes will be allowed to ever compete in an Olympics again.

Elena Nikitina (Sliding On Ice file photo)

The athletes are just the latest to be banned from the Olympics. Before the ruling on the skeleton athletes, Sochi gold medalist Alexander Legkov and Evgeniy Belov had their results disqualified from the cross country events, and were banned for life from the Olympics.

Hearings were set up after the WADA’s McLaren Report laid out in great detail the Russian doping program as it pertained to the 2014 Games. Using that information, the IOC Disciplinary Commission began investigating doping charges on an athlete-by-athlete basis.

Through Oswald Commission (headed by Disciplinary Commission chief Denis Oswald), the IOC has determined that all four athletes were “found to have committed anti-doping rule violations pursuant to Article 2 of The International Olympic Committee Anti-Doping Rules” as they applied to the Winter Games in Sochi. With that, both Tretiakov and Nikitina have had their medals stripped by the IOC.

The IOC also has outlined the next steps in the processes for all four athletes, including the IBSF being charged to modify the results of the two skeleton events accordingly, as well as considering further action.

The questions the IBSF will need to answer include what should be done in regards to this year’s Olympic qualifications? While Orlova and Potylitsina are competing on the Intercontinental Cup and seemingly had an outside chance of making the games, Nikitina just won a gold medal less than a week prior to this decision. Both her and Tretiakov are currently earning points for Russia toward Olympic qualifications. A decision will need to be made as to if those points will count.

As for now, as soon as the IBSF reorders the results, they will look something like this:

2014 Olympics – Men’s Skeleton 2014 Olympics – Women’s Skeleton
Pos Name Nation Draw Total Pos Name  Nation Draw Total
1 Martins Dukurs LAT 3 3:45.10 1 Elizabeth Yarnold GBR 2 3:52.89
2 Matthew Antoine USA 2 3:47.26 2 Noelle Pikus-Pace USA 1 3:53.86
3 Tomass Dukurs LAT 4 3:47.58 3 Katie Uhlaender USA 15 3:54.34
4 Sergei Chudinov RUS 8 3:47.59 4 Sarah Reid CAN 16 3:54.73
5 Nikita Tregybov RUS 17 3:47.62 5 Anja Huber GER 5 3:55.24
6 John Fairbairn CAN 6 3:48.13 6 Janine Flock AUT 4 3:56.03
7 Kristan Bromley GBR 11 3:48.17 7 Sophia Griebel GER 8 3:56.12
8 Alexander Kröckel GER 7 3:48.29 8 Mellisa Hollingsworth CAN 17 3:56.21
9 Dominic Parsons GBR 13 3:48.36 9 Katharine Eustace NZL 9 3:56.21
10 Frank Rommel GER 1 3:48.47 10 Marion Thees GER 6 3:56.23
11 Hiroatsu Takahashi JPN 10 3:48.74 11 Michelle Steele AUS 11 3:56.28
12 Eric Neilson CAN 14 3:48.77 12 Lelde Priedulena LAT 19 3:56.28
13 Matthias Guggenberger AUT 16 3:49.00 13 Shelley Rudman GBR 3 3:56.47
14 John Daly USA 9 3:49.11 14 Lucy Chaffer AUS 14 3:56.64
15 Sungbin Yun KOR 18 3:49.57 15 Marina Gilardoni SUI 7 3:56.74
16 John Farrow AUS 23 3:50.67 16 Nozomi Komuro JPN 18 3:57.76
17 Maurizio Oioli ITA 20 3:50.68 17 Maria Marinela Mazilu ROU 20 3:58.62
18 Raphael Maier AUT 15 3:50.86
19 Ben Sandford NZL 26 3:51.21 DSQ Elena Nikitina RUS 12 3:54.30
20 Kyle Tress USA 12 2:53.74 DSQ Olga Potylitsina RUS 13 3:54.40
21 Yuki Sasahara JPN 19 2:54.20 DSQ Maria Orlova RUS 10 3:54.72
22 Hansin Lee KOR 24 2:54.75
23 Alexandros Kefalas GRE 22 2:55.17
24 Dorin Velicu ROU 27 2:56.07
25 Ander Mirambell ESP 25 2:56.10
26 Sean Greenwood IRL 21 3:01.32
DSQ Alexander Tretyakov RUS 5 3:44.29

Full IOC Decisions in PDF form below:
IOC Decision on Elena Nikitina
IOC Decision on Maria Orlova
IOC Decision on Olga Potylitsina
IOC Decision on Alexander Tretiakov