Keisinger Golden in ICC Race in Altenberg

From Altenberg, GER

(Jan. 12, 2018) German Felix Keisinger has had the golden touch in the Intercontinental Cup, having won all but two events on tour. He continued those winning ways in Altenberg.

Keisinger was fastest at everywhere except the start in the one-heat race, being beaten only by Great Britain’s Craig Thompson at the top of the tricky Altenberg course. The win is his fifth on the season, and his seventh medal in as many races. On top of all of that success, Keisinger will clinch the men’s Intercontinental Cup for 2017/2018 by simply starting in the season finale.

Michael Zachrau finished second, winning his second silver medal of the season, just ahead of Kilian von Schleinitz who helped finish the German sweep of the podium.

This is the third time Keisinger, Zachrau, and von Schleinitz have swept the podium together.

Russian Pavel Kulikov finished fourth, ahead of Latvian Ivo Steinbergs and Russian Evgeniy Rukosuev.

Nathan Crumpton led the way for the United States in eighth place, while teammates Kyle Brown and Mike Rogals finished 15th and 17th, respectively. Barrett Martineau finished ninth to lead the Canadian effort, while Evan Neufedlt finished 14th.

Jack Thomas led for Great Britain in 10th, one spot ahead of teammate Craig Thompson. Thompson had the fast start of the race.


Pos Name Nation Start Finish
1 Felix Keisinger GER 5.05 57.06
2 Michael Zachrau GER 5.16 57.17
3 Kilian von Schleinitz GER 5.17 57.21
4 Pavel Kulikov RUS 5.18 57.39
5 Ivo Steinbergs LAT 5.31 57.80
6 Evgeniy Rukosuev RUS 5.19 58.03
7 Wengqiang Geng CHN 5.21 58.11
8 Nathan Crumpton USA 5.18 58.23
9 Barrett Martineau CAN 5.22 58.26
10 Jack Thomas GBR 5.22 58.29
11 Craig Thompson GBR 5.02 58.44
12 Egor Veselov RUS 5.34 58.60
13 Dorin Velicu ROU 5.26 58.64
14 Evan Neufeldt CAN 5.22 58.66
15 Kyle Brown USA 5.18 58.67
16 Manuel Schärzer ITA 5.42 59.03
17 Mike Rogals USA 5.46 59.06
18 Marco Rohrer SUI 5.36 59.29
19 Lucas Defayet FRA 5.43 59.54
20 Alexander Hestengen NOR 5.56 59.75
21 Chun-Hung Chiang TPE 5.65 1:00.61
22 Bram Zeegers NED 5.87 1:00.91
23 Nathan Jackson AUS 6.02 1:02.11
24 Denis Lorenčič SLO 5.72 1:02.47