Luge Relay Finale Canceled

From St. Moritz, SUI

Feb. 7, 2021 – With heavy snow falling in St. Moritz, the final Team Relay event was canceled.

An attempt was made to get the race in, but there were problems right away. As the United States went off first, both Tucker West and the duo of Chris Mazdzer & Jayson Terdiman were let out of the gate before they were supposed to be released.

A track hold was put in to try to fix timing issues, but they persisted as the Romanian team made their attempt to take a run.

After another track hold the race was canceled.

In a statement, the FIL said “Unfortunately we had to cancel the relay. We had problems with heavy snow that caused issues with the timing eye. That was causing the gate to open prematurely. So the race was canceled.”