2016/2017 IBSF North American Cup Final Standings

From the home office in Durham, USA

Final points for the IBSF North American Cup 2016/2017.

Women’s Skeleton

Rayoung Mun came into the final race in Lake Placid as the point leader, but just by 20 points. Needing a good race, she had a great one, winning gold to clinch the overall title, edging Canadian Madison Chaney. Mun and Charney were also the top finishing Juniors on tour.

Gracie Clapp-Taylor finished third overall, well ahead of Donna Creighton. Creighton, however, only raced the second half of the season, winning one gold and three silvers in the process.

Sophia Jeong and Morgan Tracey tied for fifth.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Rayoung Mun (J) KOR 1 (Whi, LP) 6 (Cal x2) 445
2 Madison Charney (J) CAN 1 (Whi) 9 (Cal) 386
3 Gracie Clapp-Taylor USA 3 (LP) 12 (Cal x2) 341
4 Donna Creighton GBR 1 (LP) 2 (PC x2, LP) 270
5 Sophia Jeong KOR 3 (Whi x2) 11 (LP) 254
5 Morgan Tracey (J) USA 6 (Whi) 15 (Cal) 254
7 Jeonghyeok Lee (J) KOR 8 (Whi x2) 13 (Cal, LP) 250
8 Maya Pedersen NOR 3 (PC) 14 (LP) 241
9 Madelaine Smith GBR 1 (PC x2) 6 (LP x2) 230
10 Leslie Stratton USA 8 (PC) 17 (Cal) 222

Men’s Skeleton

The North American Cup men’s skeleton title wasn’t in question for the final few races of the season, with Australian John Farrow taking the overall title from Korean Junhyeon Kim.

Farrow won two silver medals on his way to the NAC title, never finishing outside of the top six. Kim struggled in Whistler, inevitably falling well behind Farrow going into Lake Placid.

American John Daly competed on the second half of the North American Cup tour on his way back to form from a brief retirement, and won three of the four races he entered. He was rewarded with a third place position in the overall standings.

Joseph Luke Cecchini, Patrick Rooney and Allen Blackwell rounded out the top six overall.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 John Farrow AUS 2 (Cal, PC) 6 (Whi x2) 405
2 Junhyeon Kim KOR 3 (Cal) 12 (Whi x2) 302
3 John Daly USA 1 (PC x2, LP) 2 (LP) 290
4 Joseph Luke Cecchini ITA 3 (Cal, LP) 7 (Whi, LP) 281
5 Patrick Rooney CAN 4 (Whi x2) 7 (PC) 273
6 Allen Blackwell USA 6 (PC) 15 (LP) 256
7 Katsuyuki Miyajima (J) JPN 1 (Whi) 6 (Whi x2) 220
8 Seunggi Jung (J) KOR 5 (Cal) 12 (LP) 209
9 Andrew Blaser USA 7 (PC) 23 (LP) 206
10 Andy White CAN 10 (Whi) 17 (Cal, LP) 196

Women’s Bobsled

During the first half of the year, it seemed as though the Koreans would be struggling to get their NAC women’s bobsled program going. When the tour moved south from Canada to the United States, however, things turned around in a hurry.

Yooran Kim and Seonhye Lee swapped gold and silver medals in the two Park City races, and then Kim took one more gold in Lake Placid. Lee finished just behind Canada’s Julie Johnson in the final race to keep her ahead of Johnson in second.

Johnson finished third by just 2 points, but well ahead of Americans Nicole Vogt, Katie Eberling, and Kristi Koplin, who rounded out the top six.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Yooran Kim (J) KOR 1 (PC, LP) 9 (Cal x2) 782
2 Seonhye Lee (J) KOR 1 (PC) 13 (Cal) 704
3 Julie Johnson (J) Can 2 (LP) 10 (Cal x2) 702
4 Nicole Vogt USA 1 (LP) 14 (Whi) 672
5 Katie Eberling USA 3 (PC) 7 (LP) 550
6 Kristi Koplin USA 4 (PC) 16 (Whi) 548
7 Heather Paes BRA 4 (PC) 13 (Whi) 480
8 Alysia Rissling CAN 1 (Cal, Whi x2) 3 (Cal) 462
9 Mica McNeill (J) GBR 2 (Cal x2, Whi) 3 (Whi) 432
10 Christine de Bruin CAN 3 (Cal) 7 (Whi) 370

Two Man Bobsled

With the exception of two races in Whistler, Nick Cunningham cleaned up on the two-man bobsled portion of the North American Cup. In the tour’s eight races, Cunningham finished on the podium six times, racking up four wins in that time.

Canadian Taylor Austin finished second on the strength of the United States portion of the tour, scoring a gold, silver, and bronze in that time.

Youngjin Suk finished third, just ahead of the top-scoring Junior on the tour, Geoffrey Gadbois. Brazilians Edson Bindilatti and Christiano Paes rounded out the top six.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Nick Cunningham USA 1 (Cal, PC, LP x2) 11 (Whi) 840
2 Taylor Austin CAN 1 (PC) 14 (Whi) 676
3 Youngjin Suk KOR 2 (LP) 10 (Cal) 626
4 Geoffrey Gadbois (J) USA 4 (PC) 14 (Cal) 604
5 Edson Bindilatti BRA 3 (LP) 16 (Cal, Whi) 594
6 Cristiano Paes BRA 5 (PC) 18 (Whi) 556
7 Hunter Church (J) USA 2 (LP) 15 (Cal x2) 462
8 Lucas Mata AUS 5 (PC) 15 (Whi) 412
9 Bruce Tasker GBR 4 (Whi) 7 (Whi) 356
10 Surf Fenlator-Victorian JAM 8 (LP x2) 18 (Whi x2) 344

Four Man Bobsled

Unlike the two-man portion of the tour, Nick Cunningham had some competition in four-man bobsled.

Cunningham came into the final race of the season a mere 2 points ahead of Edson Bindilatti. In that final run of the year, Cunningham was quickest down every portion of the Lake Placid track on his way to a gold medal and the four-man overall title. Bindilatti finished second both in the race, and in the overall points.

Geoffrey Gadbois was once again the top-finishing Junior in third, with Youngjin Suk, Taylor Austin and Hunter Church rounding out the top six.

Pos Name Nation Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Nick Cunningham USA 1 (PC, LP) 8 (Whi) 800
2 Edson Bindilatti BRA 1 (PC, LP) 8 (Cal x2, Whi) 788
3 Geoffrey Gadbois (J) USA 2 (PC) 13 (Cal) 670
4 Youngjin Suk KOR 3 (PC) 9 (Whi) 618
5 Taylor Austin CAN 7 (PC x2, LP) 13 (Cal) 600
6 Hunter Church (J) USA 3 (LP x2) 10 (Cal x2) 528
7 Lucas Mata AUS 5 (PC) 13 (Whi) 440
8 Nick Poloniato CAN 1 (Cal) 3 (Cal, Whi x2) 416
9 Lamin Deen GBR 6 (Cal, Whi) 7 (Whi) 260
10 Alexander Kasjanov RUS 1 (Whi x2) 1 (Whi x2) 240