Russia Wins Second Relay of the Season

From Winterberg, GER

Feb. 23, 2020 – Russia won their second relay of their season in a small field in Winterberg.

The Russians took the lead as the fifth of six teams down in the rain in Winterberg with only the Italians to go. Italy’s Sandra Robatscher came down over .3 faster than Russia’s Tatyana Ivanova to put Italy in the lead. Dominik Fischnaller had to make a correction late, and that set the Italians back by over a tenth. Rieder and Kainzwaldner couldn’t match the speed of the doubles gold medalists Denisev and Antonov, giving Russia the win, and Italy a silver medal in the penultimate relay race of the season.

Latvia finished with a bronze medal, nearly .6 back, while Poland, Slovakia, and Ukraine finished out the six team field.

The small field was due to Austria and the United States both entirely pulling out of the race in Winterberg due to safety concerns that the FIL did not immediately handle. Germany could not field a relay team, as all three doubles teams pulled out of the race as well.


Pos Names Nation Bib Women Men Total
1 Ivanova / Pavlichenko / Denisev & Antonov RUS 5 51.941 1:44.510 2:36.848
2 Robatscher / D. Fischnaller / Rieder & Kainzwaldner ITA 6 51.637 1:44.695 2:37.342
3 Cauce / Aparjods / Gudramovics & Kalnins LAT 4 52.004 1:44.792 2:37.447
4 Jamroz / Sochowicz / Chmielewski & Kowalewski POL 1 53.166 1:46.160 2:39.293
5 Simonakova / Ninis / Vavercak & Zmij SVK 3 53.144 1:46.440 2:40.637
6 Stetskiv / Dukach / Stakhiv & Lysetskyi UKR 2 53.815 1:53.019 2:46.697