2019/2020 Intercontinental Cup Final Points

From Durham, USA

Feb. 1, 2020 – The Intercontinental Cup circuit made its way through Russia, Germany, the United States and wrapped up its season in the 2018 Olympic town of Pyongchang. Below are the top ten for both men’s and women’s skeleton.

Men’s Skeleton

While he didn’t medal in every event on the 2019/2020 calendar, Christopher Grotheer came close to dominating the entire season of ICC sliding. The German won three gold medals and scored medals in three other races on his way to a 162 point victory over China’s Wenhao Chen, the tour’s top junior slider. Chen’s gold medal in Lake Placid was the one medal he took on the season.

Canada’s Dave Greszczyszyn finished the season in third overall, highlighted by a seventh place finish in Königssee. Just 20 points behind him was the United States’ Stephen Garbett. Garbett started the season slow in Sochi, but improved through the season and finished with a pair of top six finishes in Lake Placid.

Russians Egor Veselov and Daniil Romanov both finished fifth and sixth, respectively, despite skipping the final two races in Pyeongchang.

Pos Name Nation Starts Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Christopher Grotheer GER 8 1 (Soc, Win, LP) 8 (Lake Placid) 858
2 Wenhao Chen (J) CHN 8 1 (Lake Placid) 12 (Pyeongchang) 696
3 David Greszczyszyn CAN 8 7 (Königssee) 17 (Pyeongchang) 544
4 Stephen Garbett USA 8 4 (Lake Placid) 18 (Sochi) 524
5 Egor Veselov RUS 6 3 (Sochi) 12 (Königssee) 522
6 Daniil Romanov RUS 6 4 (Soc, LP) 12 (Lake Placid) 516
7 Fabian Küchler (J) GER 6 2 (Königssee) 15 (Lake Placid) 490
8 Konstantin Khoroshko RUS 6 3 (Sochi) 12 (Win, LP) 478
9 Samuel Keiser (J) SUI 8 10 (Pyeongchang) 18 (Lake Placid) 472
10 Mike Rogals USA 8 7 (Lake Placid) 19 (Pyeongchang) 469

Women’s Skeleton

The United States’ women’s skeleton team was strong all season on the Intercontinental Cup circuit, with Kelly Curtis leading the way as the overall champion.

Curtis finished her season strong with four top five finishes (including a silver in the Pyeongchang finale) to win the title by 74 points over top-junior Susanne Kreher of Germany. Kreher won three golds and a silver and looked to be the favorite to finish out the season as the champion, but skipped the final two races to finish second overall behind Curtis.

Also skipping two races on the season but finishing in the top three was Katie Uhlaender. The 2012 World Champion won three of the final four gold medals on the season to close within 22 points of Kreher after skipping the first two races in Sochi. Uhlaender’s only non-medal finish on the season was a ninth place showing in Königssee.

Sara Roderick helped put three Americans in the top four with her fourth place overall season, capped by two medals in Lake Placid.

Great Britain’s Ashleigh Pittaway finished the season in fourth, ahead of China’s Jinghua Qi and Russia’s Alena Frolova

Pos Name Nation Starts Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Kelly Curtis USA 8 2 (Pyeongchang) 10 (Königssee) 736
2 Susanne Kreher (J) GER 6 1 (Soc x2, Win) 4 (Lake Placid x2) 662
3 Katie Uhlaender USA 6 1 (LP x2, PC) 9 (Königssee) 640
4 Sara Roderick USA 8 2 (Lake Placid) 13 (Soc, Kön) 636
5 Ashleigh Pittaway (J) GBR 7 4 (Win, PC) 12 (Lake Placid) 588
6 Jinghua Qi CHN 8 8 (Sochi) 15 (Kön, LP x2) 504
7 Alena Frolova RUS 6 3 (Sochi) 11 (Königssee) 490
8 Anastasia Trufanova RUS 6 4 (Soc x2, Kön) 16 (Winterberg) 476
9 Hannah Neise (J) GER 4 1 (Königssee) 6 (Lake Placid x2) 406
10 Renata Khuzina RUS 4 2 (Sochi x2) 8 (Winterberg) 402