2019/2020 IBSF World Cup Final Points

From Durham, USA

Mar. 3, 2020 – Below are the final points of the 2019/2020 season. “Finishes” is being used here to show how many races points were awarded to an athlete. DNFs, DSQs, etc, are not counted toward this total.

Women’s Skeleton

Jacqueline Lölling made it closer than it probably needed to be, but she won the women’s skeleton World Cup title in the last race of the season in Sigulda. The German simply needed a top eight finish in the final heat to take gold ahead of Austria’s Janine Flock. Lölling managed to finish eighth, while Flock finished third, giving Lölling the title by 18 points. Flock finished the season in second, 19 points of Elena Nikitina in third.

Germany’s Tina Hermann won three gold medals on her way to a fourth place finish overall, while Canada’s Mimi Rahneva finished fifth. Switzerland’s Marina Gilardoni finished sixth in a strong comeback season.

The United States’ Megan Henry finished the season in eighth place overall in her first full season on tour. Kendall Wesenberg finished just out of the top ten in 11th, while Savannah Graybill finished 14th.

Canada’s Jane Channell finished the World Cup season in 14th overall, while Madi Charney finished her first season on the World Cup tour in 20th.

For Great Britain it was a tough season across the board. Laura Deas was the top finisher overall in 13th, three spots ahead of Madelaine Smith. Kimberley Murray finished 18th. Both Smith and Murray started six of the eight races scheduled.

The Czech Republic’s Anna Fernstädt was the top junior on tour in ninth overall in her final season as a junior.

Pos Name Nation Starts Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Jacqueline Lölling GER 8 1 (LP, Igl) 4 (Winterbeg) 1632
2 Janine Flock AUT 8 2 (LP, LaP, Igl) 5 (Königssee) 1614
3 Elena Nikitina RUS 8 1 (LP, LaP) 8 (Winterberg) 1595
4 Tina Hermann GER 8 1 (Win, Kön, StM) 15 (Sigulda) 1523
5 Mirela Rahneva CAN 8 2 (Winterberg) 21 (Sigulda) 1376
6 Marina Gilardoni SUI 8 2 (Sigulda) 11 (LP, Kön) 1330
7 Kim Meylemans BEL 8 5 (Sigulda) 12 (Igls) 1224
8 Megan Henry USA 8 3 (Igls) 17 (Sigulda) 1136
9 Anna Fernstädt CZE 8 7 (Lake Placid x2) 20 (Igls) 1084
10 Sophia Griebel GER 7 6 (La Plagne) 15 (Lake Placid) 1048

Men’s Skeleton

Martins Dukurs won another World Cup title, his ninth, in convincing fashion with a gold medal on his home track in Latvia. Dukurs had another stellar season, winning three of the last four gold medals on the season and medalling in all but two races of the year to finish 62 points ahead of rival Alexander Tretiakov.

Tretiakov tallied three gold medals and two more bronzes, but finished out of the medals in three other races including the finale in Sigulda. That was still enough to finish ahead of Sungbin Yun of Korea, who had back trouble to start the season leading to a seventh and sixth place finishes in Lake Placid. After the Christmas break Yun returned to form to win a gold and five medals overall.

Felix Keisinger, the top junior on tour, finished the season in an impressive fourth, ahead of teammate Alexander Gassner. Tomass Dukurs finished the season in sixth overall.

Marcus Wyatt put together a solid season on tour to finish eighth overall as the only Brit in the top 20. Craig Thompson finished the season in 22nd after starting six of the eight races on the season.

The United States’ men spent a lot of times at tracks that they either had never been to or had only race on once or twice. While struggling to score top tens, they gained valuable experience for the coming season that will culminate with a World Championships in Lake Placid. Austin Florian ended the season in 16th place, while teammates Andrew Blaser and Alex Ivanov finished 22nd and 23rd, respectively.

Kevin Boyer finished the year in 19th for Canada, five spots ahead of Kyle Murray who finished the season in 24th.

Pos Name Nation Finishes Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Martins Dukurs LAT 8 1 (Igl, StM, Sig) 7 (Königssee) 1665
2 Alexander Tretiakov RUS 8 1 (LP, LaP, Kön) 6 (St. Moritz) 1603
3 Sungbin Yun KOR 8 1 (Winterberg) 7 (Lake Placid) 1581
4 Felix Keisinger (J) GER 8 2 (St. Moritz) 7 (LaP, Igl) 1506
5 Alexander Gassner GER 8 2 (Winterberg) 13 (La Plagne) 1362
6 Tomass Dukurs LAT 8 2 (Sigulda) 12 (Igls) 1314
7 Axel Jungk GER 7 1 (Lake Placid) 14 (Igls) 1305
8 Marcus Wyatt GBR 8 8 (LP, Win, Sig) 14 (La Plagne) 1184
9 Jisoo Kim KOR 8 6 (Win, LaP) 21 (Sigulda) 1126
10 Nikita Tregubov RUS 8 7 (Lake Placid) 19 (Winterberg) 1106

2-man Bobsled

Germany’s Francesco Friedrich won the 2-man title for the third time, this time clinching the title with one race to go. Friedrich won four golds and three silvers in seven starts, skipping the finale in Sigulda.

Latvia’s Oskars Kibermanis finished the season in second place overall on the strength of a pair of gold medals in Sigulda. A 23rd place finish due to injury cost him 175 points, which would have been enough to at least force Friedrich to race the final race of the season.

Canadian Justin Kripps had a solid season in third overall. Despite not winning gold in 2-man bobsled, he won a silver and four bronze medals over the course of the eight race season as the only Canadian on tour.

Michael Vogt won a bronze medal in La Plagne on his way to fourth place finish overall as the top junior in 2-man bobsled this season. Romain Heinrich finished the year with a career-best fifth place overall, one spot ahead of 2015/2016 World Cup champion Yunjong Won of Korea.

Great Britain’s Brad Hall won the first silver medal in 2-man bobsled for his country in well over a half of a century to highlight a eighth place campaign. Hall started six of the eight races on the 2019/2020 season.

The United States’ Hunter Church spent his first full season on tour getting the hang of a myriad of European tracks he’d never been to. On the 2-man side he had a pair of fifth place finishes in Lake Placid on his way to finishing tenth overall.

Pos Name Nation Finishes Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Francesco Friedrich GER 7 1 (LP, La P, Igl, Kön) 2 (LP, StM, Sig) 1530
2 Oskars Kibermanis LAT 8 1 (Sigulda x2) 23 (Igls) 1478
3 Justin Kripps CAN 8 3 (Königssee) 12 (Igls) 1466
4 Michael Vogt (J) SUI 8 5 (Igls) 18 (St. Moritz) 1216
5 Romain Heinrich FRA 8 6 (Igl, Sig) 15 (Sigulda) 1168
6 Yunjong Won KOR 8 6 (Lake Placid) 17 (StM, Sig) 1096
7 Alexey Stulnev RUS 8 4 (St. Moritz) 16 (Lake Placid) 1088
8 Brad Hall GBR 6 2 (Igls) 12 (Sigulda) 1050
9 Dominik Dvorak CZE 7 6 (La Plagne) 16 (Lake Placid) 960
10 Hunter Church (J) USA 6 5 (Lake Placid x2) 17 (Königssee) 856

4-man Bobsled

Francesco Friedrich wasn’t quite as successful on the 4-man bobsled side as he was the 2-man side of things, but he still managed four golds and six medals overall on his way to his second 4-man title.

Friedrich went into the final race of the season with teammate Johannes Lochner right on his tail. While Lochner put up a fight with a bronze medal in the St. Moritz finale, Friedrich’s fifth place finish was enough to hand him the overall title by 37 points.

Lochner won a gold medal in the European Championships and never finished outside of the top four on his way to a second place finish overall, 46 points ahead of Canadian Justin Kripps.

Kripps won three gold medals on the season and finished in the top six in every race on tour to finish a career-best third overall in 4-man, well ahead of Oskars Kibermanis.

The United States’ Hunter Church was the top junior in 4-man bobsled, finishing the season in fifth. After an 11th place finish to start the season in Lake Placid, Church finished every race in the top eight despite not having raced on most of the tracks in Europe.

Brad Hall and Lamin Deen finished 13th and 15th respectively for Great Britain. Both pilots each finished five races on the season.

Pos Name Nation Finishes Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Francesco Friedrich GER 8 1 (Win, La P, Igl, Kön) 5 (St. Moritz) 1686
2 Johannes Lochner GER 8 1 (Winterberg) 4 (LP, Win) 1649
3 Justin Kripps CAN 8 1 (LP x2, StM) 6 (Winterberg) 1603
4 Oskars Kibermanis LAT 8 2 (LP, StM) 11 (Igls) 1524
5 Hunter Church (J) USA 8 3 (Igls) 1 (Lake Placid) 1352
6 Alexey Stulnev RUS 8 4 (Winterberg) 12 (St. Moritz) 1344
7 Dominik Dvorak CZE 8 7 (Win x2, Igl) 12 (Lake Placid) 1216
8 Nico Walther GER 6 2 (Winterberg) 8 (Königssee) 1146
9 Michael Vogt (J) SUI 8 7 (Lake Placid) 20 (Winterberg) 1108
10 Yunjong Won KOR 8 7 (Igls) 18 (Königssee) 968

Women’s Bobsled

A year after narrowly missing out on an overall title, Germany’s Stephanie Schneider took advantage of a missing Kaillie Humphries to win the women’s World Cup title. Schneider won a gold, a silver, and four bronze medals on her way to a 38 point victory over teammate Mariama Jamanka.

Jamanka took gold in Igls, and won a pair of silver medals, but failed to medal five times on her way to a second place finish on the season, 59 points ahead of Canada’s Christine de Bruin.

Kaillie Humphries would have had to have finished eighth or better in Sigulda to win the overall title, but instead chose to travel to Altenberg to prepare for World Championships. The one “0” to her name on the season dropped her to fourth overall. Humphries, in her first season sliding for the United States, won four gold medals in seven races.

Russia’s Nadezhda Sergeeva and Austria’s Kati Beierl rounded out the top six.

Germany’s Laura Nolte finished the season as the tour’s top junior in eighth despite missing three races.

Pos Name Nation Finishes Best Finish Worst Finish Points
1 Stephanie Schneider GER 8 1 (Winterberg) 5 (Igls) 1611
2 Mariama Jamanka GER 8 1 (Igls) 5 (LP, LaP) 1573
3 Christine de Bruin CAN 8 2 (La Plagne) 7 (Winterberg) 1514
4 Kaillie Humphries USA 8 1 (LP x2, Kön, StM) 4 (Win, LaP) 1484
5 Nadezhda Sergeeva RUS 8 1 (Sigulda) 11 (La Plagne) 1353
6 Katrin Beierl AUT 8 5 (Königssee) 12 (Lake Placid x2) 1264
7 Martina Fontanive AUT 8 4 (St. Moritz) 14 (Igls) 1248
8 Laura Nolte (J) GER 5 1 (La Plagne) 6 (St. Moritz) 1021
9 Lubov Chernykh (J) RUS 7 8 (Sigulda) 14 (Königssee) 960
10 An Vannieuwenhuyse BEL 5 7 (La P, Kön) 11 (St. Moritz) 768